4.7 stars | 16 reviews
4.7 stars | 16 reviews
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A man stands below a tall Spanish moss tree taking photos of the tree that has one large branch broken and hanging down near the ground. A house and one car are seen in the background.
A man climbs into a white bucket attached to a red cherry picker positioned low to the ground.
An overhead view shows a white bucket truck raised high to the top of a tree. An array of tall trees is seen in the background.
An arborist stands in a white bucket of a bucket truck to trim trees. The truck is backed up to a garage with the trees situated behind the garage.
An arborist is raised high into a tree by a yellow cherry picker with a green tractor backed up to the cherry picker. The tree sits to the right of a white house with a pergola in the front.
Two arborists stand in the white bucket of a cherry picker 10 feet in the air to trim tree branches. Another arborist stands beneath while observing their work.
A long flatbed trailer hauls an array of root-balled trees covered by a tarp. A man stands at the end of the trailer wearing a green shirt and black cap.
A red cherry picker raises a man high into a tree in a white bucket. A row of plywood panels is seen on the ground leading to the cherry picker.
A man wearing a white hard hat walks through tree debris in a wooded area. A green piece of machinery is seen in the foreground.